Take advantage of today’s hot real estate market with the Midwest Properties of Michigan Peak Selling™ plan.

The Midwest PEAK Selling plan™ was created to ensure your house is positioned to sell quickly, for the best price, and with the smoothest closing.


PEAK Selling™ means peace of mind.
Your Midwest agent will pre-manage all the key details UPFRONT, from professional quality photography through the completion of all key critical sale documents; Advanced title work, inspections, warranties, multiple offer counseling, escalations clauses, marketing brochures, staging, and crucially, the timetable of events leading up to the presentation of your offers. All completed BEFORE your house goes to the market. Then, pick the date YOU want to sell.


When buyers compete, you win!
PEAK Selling™ promotes competing, multiple offers. With Midwest PEAK Selling™, everything leads up to one moment… when all the offers are presented at once, together, so you’re confident of selecting the best one.


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A new way of selling for a new market. Midwest PEAK Selling™ is available only from a Midwest Properties of Michigan agent.


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